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Peter A. Eschbach Presents “An Illustrated Look at Traditions of The United States Military Academy A to Z”

with Memories from Hundreds from the Long Gray Line

Peter with his wife, Susan: Plebe Parent Week at West Point
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Show Notes with Links:

  • A is for ARMY…I ask Peter why he made the decision to join the Army, especially since he’s an artist.
  • Peter discusses the artwork he created for this book.
  • “Army is the other family you have.” ~ R. Jim Steiner ’78. I ask about Peter’s relationship with the Army.
One of Peter’s “Spirit” drawings: The Army Mule mascot chasing down the Navy Goat!
  • Peter discusses the process for putting together all the pieces: the alphabet definitions, the artwork, the input from past graduates of West Point.
  • He talks about his “favorite” letter!
  • As an Old Grad, he’s still active. I saw on Facebook a photo of him presenting an appointment letter to a soon-to-be new cadet. [ I mention my representing West Point at the local high school Career Fair day]
  • We talk about “X-Traditions” and how we both contributed to the POINTER magazine (no longer published). Peter also designed the crest for his class ring (West Point Class of 1978).
Peter at Ft. Sumpter
  • I ask if he was a hazer (I didn’t think so)!
  • Peter has great advice for young people considering West Point and the military academies.
  • Peter is working on a book for his USMA Class of 1978 for their next reunion.
  • I put in a plug for The Virginia War Memorial’s Mighty Pen Project for veterans, led by New York Times Best-Selling Author David L. Robbins.

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