Alligator Preserves Episode 51: Dragon Soldier

Robert Goswitz’s debut novel–The Dragon Soldier’s Good Fortune

In this episode, author Robert Goswitz takes us to Vietnam with Private Ed Lansky in 1971.

I interview Robert Goswitz about his debut novel–The Dragon Soldier’s Good Fortune–a unique account of a young new draftee’s first tour in Vietnam . . . with a mystical twist!



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Show Notes with Links:

  • Robert introduces himself and admits the main character, Lansky,
    Author Robert Goswitz

    is based on his own experience in Vietnam.

  • Robert explains why he wrote this book and why it took him “this long” to write it.
  • Military Writers Society of America coach Kathleen Rogers, and his agent Jeanie Loiacono of the Loiacono Literary Agency.
  • Writing tips for authors trying to hone their skills
  • Black Opal Books
  • He talks about the racial divide in America in the ’60s and ’70s and how the same issues arose in Vietnam, though the dynamics
    The author in Vietnam, 1971

    between races disappeared in “the bush.”

  • The irony of Robert’s Americal Award
  • Nixon and his promise to bring the troops home
  • Stars and Stripes Magazine
  • Names in “The Dragon Soldier’s Good Fortune” and characters (like “Chief” based on real people)
  • Importance of “setting” in books
  • Reading as a writer
  • Loneliness and psychological conditions associated with being in
    Photo taken by the author in Vietnam, 1971

    a foreign environment

  • Dragon as good luck in Vietnam
  • the 195th Infantry Brigade
  • Robert reads a passage from his novel
  • Humor, even in harshest situations
  • Lansky’s (and Robert’s) evolution as a soldier
  • The tiger scene and ceremony
  • How Robert chose to end the book, and what’s next
  • Shout-outs to those who helped him complete this project
  • Another photo of the author as a soldier in Vietnam, 1971

    Link to Robert’s Amazon Author Page

  • Robert’s email:



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