Alligator Preserves Episode 26: My Visit with Elden Nelson

Elden Nelson (a.k.a. “Fatty”) has two decades of Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race finishes under all of his belt buckles! Find out what makes him continue to come back to compete in one of the toughest races known to mountain bikers.

Elden Nelson with Ken Chlouber (and holding his starting rifle)! I stole this photo from Elden’s blog!

And watch our visit on YouTube:

Show Notes with Links:

  • First, a link to “Fatty’s” blog: Fat Cyclist (with lots of great photos of him and his family) and his podcast: Leadville: The 100 Mile Mountain Bike Podcast! If you’re into ultraracing, and specifically racing in Leadville, spend some time with Elden Nelson!
  • WHY he races, and has been racing since his first race in 1997
  • Elden talks about his love for Leadville
  • Elden’s “Feeding Frenzy” podcast and what he eats
  • Training at altitude
  • Ken Chlouber’s “race family” (and listen to my interview with Ken HERE)
  • Find race stats and data in Fatty’s podcast episodes about the races
  • The idea of making a commitment to yourself
  • Doing the Breck Epic 6-day race right before this year’s LT100
  • Riding with his wife
  • A shout-out to supporters and crew advice
  • Mechanical failures
  • Best race, and how many more will he do?
  • Keeping a sense of humor during the face
  • email Fatty:

More Links:

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