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Leadville can be a challenging place to live, which is probably why we moved here! If you’re thinking about visiting–or even moving here–and you’d like more information about this quirky little high-altitude mining town, you could always ask me, Leadville Laurel!

I occasionally dress up for local events!

I was born and raised in Braintree, MA, and after attending 3 semesters at Smith College, I decided to go for an even greater challenge and graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY in 1983 (with the 4th class to graduate women). I married my most remarkable classmate Mike McHargue, resigned from the Army as a Major after 9 years Active Duty and three in the Army Reserves to raise our two awesome sons, and then taught English for many years before abandoning paid employment to concentrate on becoming an author. Here’s what I’ve published so far:

The Hare, Raising Truth is an adult fairy tale, a novella that feels like Rod Serling got together with the Grimm Brothers and several horny teenage boys. Not for children!

“Miss?” is based on my hair-raising experience of teaching 7th grade English in a challenging school. I updated and re-released it with an editorial essay and new cover in 2016.

Waterwight  is a YA fantasy adventure suitable for ages 8-108. The first book in the series was released on Leap Day 2016 (Feb 29th) and earned the 2016 Silver EVVY Award for Fiction/Fantasy! Waterwight: FLUX (book II in the series) will be published in 2017!

Haikus Can Amuse! (2016) is a fun journal-style book with 366 haiku “starters” (I provide the first line or topic, you finish the poem and write about your inspiration).

Hai CLASS ku is designed for home-school and classroom use and has an associated 2017 contest! At only $5.75 (because HAIKU!) it’s a bargain and an educator’s dream!

Feel free to comment on my posts or send me an email at: or find me on Facebook: Laurel McHargue and Leadville Laurel

My publisher: STRACK PRESS LLC

If I’m not out and about town for a daily infusion of inspiration with Ranger, my loyal pooch, I’ll be here!


6 thoughts on “Contact (and “About”) Me

    • The thought has crossed my mind! As I go through the letters and talk with my Dad, the focus of the book will become more clear. Thanks for the encouragement!

  1. Hi Laurel, my wonderful friend,

    congratulations on this wonderful blog, looking forward to reading it all. This will be an awesome book, as always just love and sooooooooo admire you.


  2. Laurel!
    Oh my goodness, this entire website is awesome, just as you are. I’m proud to be able say that I have the pleasure of knowing you (:
    See you soon!

    • You make me blush! Thank you…and I’ll be more diligent in my postings now that I’ve decided to upload Dad’s letters in the months they were written!

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