This I know

The challenge? List 5 things you know are true. Write for 7 minutes non-stop without editing or over-thinking.

1. I love my husband                                                                                                               2. I love my children                                                                                                                   3. Change makes me grow                                                                                                       4. Happiness depends on attitude and perspective                                                                  5. I have so much more to learn

All these things I know are intertwined. I “knew” from a fairly young age that I would not follow the path of my four sisters. I would escape the prescribed path, going off to a prissy private college before joining the Army after four years of doing my part to upset another status quo.

Change is good. My comfort zone was dangerous. To me, comfort is like quicksand, slowly pulling you down until you soon have no control, no freedom, no escape.

Escaping doesn’t always mean fleeing and freeing yourself from something horrible; rather, it can mean freeing yourself from what you already know so that you find yourself in a position to learn something new.

[clearly this was just the start of what I could have written on and on about if given more than 7 minutes, but I think it will fit into my memoir “someday”!]