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Darlene Kulig’s Joyous Art!

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Show Notes and Links:

  • Darlene is originally from Ottawa, and now lives in Toronto.
  • She earned a National Art Scholarship, granted to only six Canadian students entering Fine Arts based on outstanding potential in visual arts, and graduated from OCAD University (Ontario College of Art & Design University).
  • We talk about the fun way we “met” . . . Peace by Piece: 10 Lessons from a Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Nadine’s puzzle—“Outside Vienna”
  • My puzzle—”Gustav’s Cat”
Find her puzzles HERE!
  • She talks about what she did before painting became a priority.
  • She discusses her painting process, darkness and light, and the “challenge to find a quiet place to balance all the activity” in her bold paintings.
  • Darlene talks about the Japanese concept of MA – emptiness with presence.
  • Her work is described as semi-abstracted spirited landscape and each painting is dotted with her signature, effervescent champagne bubbles. We talk about the bubbles!
  • She talks about traveling by train to paint the mountains for a Canadian Rockies series. 
  • How does she choose what to paint from the hundreds of photographs she takes?
  • The “Dr. Suess” qualities of her work.
  • Calendars and other products with Darlene’s gorgeous work.
Her gorgeous 2023 wall calendar!
  • She is also planning her next travel destination for a new series of paintings…Find out WHERE!
  • Her “Paintings wait for their owners—their forever homes”
  • I ask where her dream place to work/live/paint would be, and we discuss how Covid has helped her with “letting go” and finding peace. We discuss melancholy and sadness.
  • Darlene believes boredom is necessary!
  • She tells us about the Craig Kulig Memorial Fund
  • And her favorite color(s).

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