The Glue

“Describe an activity that is a metaphor for your life in 10 minutes. GO!”

At first I thought that “writing” would be the metaphor to define my life; after all, it’s the focus of my current stage of metamorphosis. But that would be too easy to write about, so when I heard “preparing a meal” as a suggestion, that piqued my taste buds.

I don’t like recipes…probably the rebel in me…but I’d like to think that I can throw together a tasty meal by being creative and just a bit adventuresome. I like taking different things, ingredients, people, and finding ways to harmonize.

My husband tells me that I am “the glue” in whatever community I find myself, and there have been many over 20 years of military travel. It may be a weakness I have that i want to be liked, to please others, to act in a way others will call “selfless,” although I know how much benefit and pleasure I derive from having others see me in that light.

I struggle with the paradox of feeling selfish when I am seen as selfless.

There are so many ingredients to a yummy meal, a thriving community, a happy life. There are rule books and recipe books for success, but I prefer “winging it.” I know the basic ingredients of success, and if being “the glue” is m role in my community, my world, then I will continue to do my best to keep it together

I would not, however, recommend using glue in any new dish.