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Leadville Literary League: 2018

The 2018 Calendar Girls of Leadville project donated $10,620.36 to the Tabor Opera House Preservation Foundation! Photo by Marcia Martinek, Editor of the Herald Democrat (L-R, Stephanie Spong, Elise Sunday, and Laurel McHargue)

We were delighted to present this marvelous check to the Tabor Opera House Preservation Foundation President Stephanie Spong in February! Leadville Literary League would like to thank everyone who participated in this fun and worthwhile project.

2019 will be a year of planning and seeking out other literary endeavors, and we would love the continued support of friends who support the arts in all its forms.

Tax-deductible contributions in any amount for future projects should be mailed to:

Leadville Literary League
14337 County Road 193
Salida, CO 81201

and you will receive a letter from our non-profit organization as a receipt for tax purposes.

We are so very grateful for your support!

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Leadville Literary League is pleased to present our first philanthropic project: The 2018 Calendar Girls of Leadville!

It’s here and it’s spectacular!
The 2018 Calendar Girls of Leadville calendar!

We are so very grateful to Elise Sunday, our photographer and editor  (owner of Fire On The Mountain in Leadville)  and Karen Onderdonk, our videographer (owner of IndigoMediaArts.co) for  volunteering their time and talent.

And, of course, we thank our wonderful, bold, brave women, our “Leadville Antiques: Uncovered” — our 50 and over models who agreed to participate in the celebration of life in support of a noble goal, the restoration and preservation of our historic treasure, the Tabor Opera House.

To order yours (and when they’re gone, they’re GONE!), send check or money order payable to:

Leadville Literary League
815 Spruce Street
Leadville, CO 80461

Calendars sell for $19.95 each, plus $10 s/h for up to 3 per shipment
($29.95 for one, $49.90 for two, $69.85 for three)

If you’re local to Leadville, you may purchase at the following shops:

Fire On The Mountain
B&B Shipping and More (and Brenda can also package calendars to ship anywhere)
Harperrose Studios
New Leaf Studios
(The Mining Hall of Fame and Museum has some too, though limited hours)

Leadville Literary League is a recognized 501(c)(3).
We will donate ALL net proceeds from calendar sales to the
Tabor Opera House Preservation Foundation.

This was a joyful project. We believe it will make you smile.

“Leadville Antiques: Uncovered”!

Thanks to everyone for supporting this philanthropic effort!

We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign from September 19-October 19, 2017.
Check it out (though you cannot order there, you can read the story and watch the video:

“Leadville Antiques: Uncovered”!
These brave ladies bare more than their souls to save the Tabor Opera House!
1912 Leadville High School Annual Staff.
Photo provided by Lake County Public Library

Several published authors in Leadville, Colorado gathered on April 14, 2017 to create Leadville Literary League as a nonprofit organization. The mission of the nonprofit is:

To Promote Local Literary Endeavors and the Arts

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